Hi, I’m Lisa Bellinger- the maker behind Down the Rabbit Hole’s handmade and designed polymer clay earrings. I live and make my jewellery from my home in Turners Beach, Tasmania. As a stay at home mum of 2 I love how I can work around my business from home and be able to be there for my children as I wish to be, I feel very lucky to have found this opportunity within myself at this time in my life. Suits me perfectly!
Initially ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ began as a small hobby for myself attending local markets in October 2015. My love addiction for wearing and buying handmade jewellery was what inspired me to begin making my own. I thrive on finding beautiful colour combinations to create uniquely colourful pieces from elegant to funky, something for everyone. I take pride in knowing that each of my pieces has been handcrafted and selected by customers for their very own enjoyment.
I feel honoured to be where I am today now coming up to my second year with what I now call a small business. Beginning from local markets my passionate hobby has now escalated to direct orders, with me wholesaling to over 15 stockists within our lovely state Tasmania and Australia wide. I have a very strong passion for supporting and building up other Tasmanian and Australian makers. When you buy handmade goods, we are not only supporting local jobs and our economy, but also buying superior quality products. We are so blessed to have so many talented makers in our beautiful states of Australia that we call home. I feel proud to be known and acknowledged as a local handmaiden of Tasmanian handcrafted jewellery

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